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Transformation Duration

6 months

Learning Format

Live Trainer-Driven
Online Classes

What Sets Our Program Apart?

Flexible Schedule
  • Choose a schedule that aligns with your availability.
  • Options include weekday morning, weekday evening, or weekend classes.
  • Our program adapts to your life, making upskilling convenient and achievable.
Expert Trainers:
  • Learn from seasoned trainers with a track record of success.
  • Our experts have trained both freshers and senior professionals.
  • If beginners can master coding under their guidance, so can you.
Structured Curriculum:
  • Navigate through a meticulously planned curriculum.
  • Avoid the confusion of scattered online courses.
  • Our well-structured approach ensures steady progress and true mastery.
Beyond the Basics:
  • Your learning journey is our commitment.
  • Need a revision? Expect a dedicated session tailored to your needs.
  • Want to meet your trainer? Scheduled meetings with a dedicated trainer ensure prompt resolution of your queries.

Curriculum Overview


  • Basics of Python
  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Programming
  • Structured Exception Handling
  • Object Oriented Programming using Python
  • FILE Input/Output

Selenium WebDriver using Python

  • WebDriver Commands
  • Browser Navigation Commands
  • Check Box & Radio buttons
  • WebTable Handling
  • Validations (asset, verify)
  • Implementation of exception handling in Selenium


  • Running Pytests from Terminal with different command flags
  • Grouping tests with pytest marks to run selected group
  • Importance of Conftest file & Scope of fixtures for building Generic fixtures
  • Introduction to Data driven Fixtures to load data into tests
  • Parameterizing test with multiple data sets using Fixtures
  • Generating HTML reports for Pytest Testcases

Robot Framework

  • Robot Framework Fundamentals
  • Designing a Test Automation Framework
  • BDD
  • Be a “Subject Matter Expert” of the application before building your framework
  • Creating your Project’s Utilities library
  • API Testing

Rest API Testing using Request Library

  • Install IDE(Pycharm)
  • Configuring Request Library in Pycharm
  • REST APIs and Web Services
  • JSON/JSONPATH Module & Assertion
  • Rest API Testing
  • Design Success Responses

Rest API Testing using Postman

  • Introduction to PostMan
  • Creating RestAPI request with PostMan
  • Writting API Test and Script
  • Writting API Test and Script using PostMan
  • Advanced Assertions
  • DataDriven Testing Using PostMan

Appium - Android

  • Installing Android Studio
  • Configuring System variable
  • Configuring Virtual mobile device for running tests
  • Downloading Appium Dependencies
  • Invoking Android Driver - Creating base program
  • UIAutomator tool usage - Inspection of element

Appium - IOS

  • Setting up IOS App and Appium Desktop on MAC
  • IOS Driver Invocation with Desired capabilities
  • Running IOS first Automation Testcase with Appium Inspector
  • Desired capabilities code
  • Safari Mobile Browser Automation configuration
  • User agent to get Safari Browser objects


  • Comparison of SVN, GIT, Bit Bucket, TFS
  • Comparison between GIT, GIT LAB & GIT HUB
  • Branching / Merging in GIT
  • Troubleshooting GIT
  • GIT Commands / Workflow - (Clone the code from GitHUB, merge, pull, push)
  • GIT Hooks (Pre and Post Commit)


  • Difference between CI and CD
  • Introduction to different CI systems like Jenkins, Hudson, Team City
  • Install and configure Jenkins
  • Introduction to Plugins
  • Build Pipeline using Groovy script
  • Configuration of Master / Slave Nodes


Python Programming Expertise

Students will be able to solve most SDET programming questions in Python

Robot Framework

Installation and setting Robot Framework, Designing a Test Automation Framework.

API Testing

Creating RestAPI request with PostMan & Requests Library, Writing API Test and Script

Mobile Testing-Appium

Hybrid & Native Apps Automation, Appium IOS Automation


Running Pytests from Terminal with different command flags, Generating HTML reports for Pytest Testcases

Python with Selenium

Locators, Selenium Commands, Synchronization, Handling window and Alert & Frames

Get Maximum Value with Essential Automation Tools and Libraries

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Program Fees

This transformation program comes in two packages, Select the one that works for you.

Career Transformation Plan

Job Assurance subscription

Why should I as a Functional Tester learn Automation?

    • Better Job Opportunities in Automation
    • Better Salary Hikes
    • Better Job Security
    • Better equipped to add value to your software products
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    Trainees Testimonials

    Transformed through meticulous program structure. Sunil's expertise ensures crystal-clear understanding. Continuous learning as a catalyst for career growth.
    Supriya H
    Senior SDET
    Every aspect of the learning experience was carefully attended to, ensuring nothing was overlooked and everything unfolded seamlessly, gained fresh insights.
    Kubra Fathima
    Senior SDET
    Mobile testing, Java, Selenium, Rest Assured mastery. Sunil's conceptual approach a game-changer. Training sessions invaluable for exploration and career growth.
    Senior SDET
    Java to Python journey, embracing diverse technologies. I would give 10/10 rating for Trainer's exceptional guidance. Training's transformative ability for upskilling.
    Lokitha Vaddi
    Senior SDET
    I initially lacked familiarity with certain concepts, the training provided invaluable insights, empowering us to delve deeper into various topics.
    Abhishek Mohan
    Senior SDET
    Excellent training for Apium and API testing. Upskilling beyond conventional boundaries. Sunil's practical approach enhances understanding and competence.
    Chandradeep Kumar
    Senior SDET
    From revisiting older concepts to delving into API testing with Postman, transitioning to Python, exploring robot testing, and ending with Appium, the journey was nothing short of enlightening.
    Senior SDET
    Refreshing journey with tailored upskilling. Trainers focused in balanced methodology and hands-on exercises.Training as a continuous pathway to personal and professional growth.
    Meline DSouza
    Senior SDET
    Excellent training for Apium and API testing. Upskilling beyond conventional boundaries. Sunil's practical approach enhances understanding and competence.
    Chandradeep Kumar
    Senior SDET
    Refreshing journey with tailored upskilling. Trainers focused in balanced methodology and hands-on exercises.Training as a continuous pathway to personal and professional growth.
    Meline DSouza
    Senior SDET

    Frequently asked questions

    Clarify Your Path to Automation Mastery: Find Answers to Common Queries
    Is there a free demo-class available?
    Yes, we offer a free demo class for you to experience the program's structure and content before enrolling.
    Does this program provide online classes?
    Yes, the program offers live online classes, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your home or any location that suits you.
    What happens if I don't score well in an assessment?
    Assessments are part of the learning process. If you don't perform well, we provide additional support, including one-on-one sessions to help you improve.
    Can I pay the fees in EMI?
    Yes, we offer EMI options to make the payment process more convenient for you. EMI options are available only for Credit Card payments with nominal interest rates as per the Bank Policy.
    I don't have in-depth programming knowledge, Is this course right for me?
    Absolutely! Our program caters to all experience levels, making it suitable for beginners to seasoned professionals.
    I don't know how to code, can I still participate?
    Absolutely! Our program is designed for all skill levels. We start from basics, ensuring everyone can grasp and excel in automation.
    What happens if I miss a Session?
    If you miss a session, don't worry. We provide recorded sessions, and you can also be accommodated in a different batch for the missed class.
    What happens if I don't have enough time to complete the program?
    We understand time constraints. The program is flexible, and you can progress at your own pace. Extensions and additional support are also available.
    Is there any Refund / Cancellation policy?
    Book An Enquiry call with our Program Managers for detailed information.
    Will I have placement opportunities through Moolya Ed?
    Yes, the Job Assurance Subscription Plan includes placement assistance, resume preparation, interview preparation, and networking events to boost your career prospects.
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